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ML50 dimensions
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Main material  Body: ABS+PC Housing: PC

Ambient Humidity 0% ~ 90% RH(No condensation)

Operating Temperature Ta -40 ̊C ~ +60 ̊C

IP Rate IP66/IP68

Color White

Weight  2.1 kg



Product name  5-7NM Marine Lantern

Product model  ML50

Based on LED technology, its color meets IALA Recommendations E-200-1 requirements.

PC housing, lamp body integration design, to IP68 protection level.

256 kinds of light quality adjustable, in line with IALA requirements.



Input voltage  AC100-240V

Maximum power  25W

Power frequency  50-60Hz

Input Current  0.6A @115VAC 0.34A @230VAC

Inrush Current  16A @115VAC 30A @230VAC



Light-emitting element  LED

Working way  256 kinds of flash rate adjustable

Vertical degree  ≥7°

Horizontal degree  360°

Color  Red, green, blue, yellow, white

Photocell illumination threshold  200-500LX(adjustable)

Visual distance  5NM(77cd,Intensity gear 30%) 7NM(270cd,Intensity gear100%)

5-7 NM Solar marine lantern
27 April 2021

 5-7NM Solar Marine Lantern

Products description and application


ML50 marine lantern can be issued at night lights, and meet the visible distance of five to seven nautical miles, used to nocturnal ship guidance. Applicable to the marine buoys, river buoys, shore, fixed lampposts and offshore oil derrick lights and so on. The unique design allows the ML50 marine lantern to be used in harsh environments.

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