They are mounted on floating buoys or on the shore, and have as purpose the marking of the navigable sleigh or the marking of possible obstacles and dangers for the nearby boats. They have lights of different intensities, fixed or of different flashes and different colors, depending on the purpose for which they are mounted.

Marine lantern

The beacon lamps are intended to mark obstacles which are a potential danger to aircraft flying at low altitudes in order to be avoided by them.

Purpose of a obstruction light

The beacon lamps are mounted at the top of the obstacles, and depending on their height and at intermediate levels, so that they are visible from any direction an aircraft would approach. Details in the section Recommandations & Practical guide

Where a obstruction light is mounted 

Obstruction lights are luminaires of different sizes, which produce red or white light, continuous or flashing light, of different intensities, depending on the place, height, or purpose where they are mounted.

What is a obstruction light?

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