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Any construction that poses a danger to aircraft flying at low altitudes must be marked. LED obstruction lights are the best solution in terms of costs (the reasons can be found in the section Informations). All Aexio obstruction light have LEDs as light source, are equipped with twilight sensor (start and stop themselves), have alarm mode in case of fault, and those equipped with GPS module are synchronized in intermittent operation mode. Our engineering solutions are designed and manufactured in order to be intended for use in extreme weather conditions. Our obstruction lights work in freezing or sweltering temperatures in marine, desert and sandy environments.

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In order to ensure constant safety, the obstruction light must operate continuously. Its reliability and reliability cannot be questioned. The purpose of obstruction light is to be mounted at high altitudes on structures that may present risks for aircraft flying at low altitudes. The replacement and maintenance of obstruction lights is often delicate and as excessive costs, especially those with bulbs, their longevity and continuity in operation is essential. These are the reasons why Aexio has selected from the latest discoveries a complete range of low, medium and high intensity LED obstruction lights, control modules, solar powered obstruction lights and accessories for professional installations in accordance with standards and rules. in force. Below you will find some of the obstacles that must be marked with obstruction lights so that they are visible to aircraft flying at low altitudes so that they can identify them at night, and those that are very high even during the day.

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