Located in Brasov, the Aexio Telenet Company is an organization specialized in the distribution and installation of beacon lights that mark obstacles for aircraft flying at low altitudes and luminous buoys that mark various obstacles on rivers and seas. Starting with 2023, we also entered the airport systems market, with runway lighting and other specific facilities.


Our first partner was Nanhua Electronics Co., Ltd. from China, which we chose for smart, well-built products, customized solutions in continuous innovation and attention to detail. Every year they have increased technical capabilities and production capabilities, increased in staff and industry expertise. Today, Nanhua Electronics is a globally recognized leader in the port industry, wind power and hazardous areas. Their signaling, lighting and control products are used by companies large and small around the world.


Starting with 2023, the second partner is a supplier for airport equipment, high-tech equipment. Together with AES Airport Solutions we focus on the commercialization of advanced technological equipment for airport facilities. In addition to our core business of Airfield Ground Lighting, we also supply other equipment such as Fragile Structures, Ground Support Equipment, 400 Hz Converters, Pre-Conditioned Air Equipment (PCA) and Pits for both Power and PCA. AES Airport Solutions has become a benchmark in the sector, offering products and systems that guarantee reliability in airport facilities. AES Airport Solutions' rapid growth in the airport facilities sector has placed it at the forefront of the market, enjoying an outstanding presence in most key projects. Together we want to do the same thing on the Romanian airport market.


We satisfy your needs.


At Aexio Telenet we strive every day to deliver together with our partners superior technologies, products and cost-effective services. Our mission reaffirms our persistent ambition to meet customer expectations and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Every employee of the company will cooperate with you throughout the entire project to bring you the highest return on investment. We'll be open and honest with you every step of the way, providing you with status reports and progress updates through a dedicated customer program. These partners have never disappointed us, and we have never disappointed our customers either. We focus on safety, For over 10 years, we have represented the best supplier of beacon lights.


Aexio stands for Competence, Reliability and Service.


Thank you for your trust!

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