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Products description and application


Applying to ocean buoy, river buoy, shore mark and offshore oil platform or other fixing and floating aids for navigation. 

256 kinds of flashing rate adjustable are available, comply with IALA. Intensity is continuously adjustable. Photocell controls On/Off automatically and the value of luminance switch can be adjusted. Built in sealed lead acid battery, maintenance free and easy for replace.

 4NM Solar Marine Lantern

27 April 2021
Lampa de  balizaj cu LED, GPS si senzor crepuscular



Product name  2-5NM Solar Marine Lantern

Product model  ML411A

Based on LED technology, and its color complies to IALA Recommendations E-200-1.

256 kinds of flashing rate adjustable are available, comply with IALA.



Integrated housing UV resistance polycarbonate

Temperature  -40℃ ~ +80℃

Size  High 370mm,Diameter 235mm

Installation dimension  235mm 200mm

Option  External charging power GPS synchronization GSM faulty alarm function

Weight  5.9KG

Waterproof  IP68



Effective intensity  >40cd

Visible range  >4 Nautical mile

LED color  Red, yellow, blue, green, white

Vertical degree  >7°

Horizontal degree 360°

Autonomy  >30 days(14hour darkness,12.5%duty cycle)

On/Off level 300 lux±100lux,end user can adjust it

Flashing rate complies to IALA Recommendations, total 256 available flashing rate(steady burning, adjustable)



Solar panel  Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Output  5W*4

Battery  Maintenance free sealed lead acid battery

Battery capacity  12V/12 Ah

ML11A product specification PDF

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