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LP4 product specification PDF

LP4 Circle H Helideck platforms
LP4 Circle H Helideck



Operating temperature  Ta-50℃ ~ +60℃

Humidity  10%~95%RH

IP rate  IP67

Cable gland  Suitable for cableØ 8~Ø 10mm²,and ≤1.5mm² lead wire reliable connected



Intensity  20cd~45cd

Vertical beam angle  90°

Light color  Green

Light color  Green/Yellow

Work mode  Steady burning

Horizon beam angle  360°



Rated Voltage  DC24V

Rated power  <2W

Lamp source  LED

Lightning surge  GD22-2015 L- L 0.5kV GD22-2015 L-G 1kV

Electrostatic discharge  GD22-2015 air discharge 8kV GD22-2015 contact discharge 6kV

EMC  GD22-2015



Product name  Circle H light


Product model  LP4

LP4 Circle H Helideck
27 April 2021

Circle H Helideck

Products description and applicaiton


Apply to the offshore helideck for cicle H light(including moving platform and permanent platform. Suitable for offshore oil platform, and any other hazardours areas or vessel‘s helideck. Certified to explosive gas atmosphere zone 1 and zone 2 area. Certified to explosive gas atmosphere IIA / IIB / IIC area. Suitable for T1-T6 temperature class. Engineering plastics light cover, operation temperature can be -50℃, with 4J shock resistance, hot and cold upheaval resistance and 3Mpastatic pressure qualified features.

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