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Operating temperature  Ta-50℃ ~ +60℃

Humidity  10%~95%RH

Corrosion  C5

Cable gland  2-M20X1.5(should use the appropriate EX cable gland)

Wiring terminal  Suitable for cable Ø9~Ø14mm², and ≤2.5mm² lead wire reliable connected

IP rate  IP67

Weight  4.3 kg

Housing material  Stainless steel 316

Light cover  Tempered glass



Lamp source  LED

Intensity  30cd~60cd

Light color  Green/Yellow/Blue/Red/White

Work mode  Steady burning

Horizon beam  360°

Vertical beam angle  90°

Work mode  Steady burning



Rated Voltage  DC24V/AC100V~240V

Rated power  <5W

Lightning surge  GD22-2015 L- L 0.5kV GD22-2015 L-G 1kV

Electrostatic  GD22-2015 air discharge 8kV

EMC  GD22-2015



Product name  Helideck Perimeter Light


Product model LP3

LP3 Helideck perimeter light
27 April 2021

Helideck Perimeter Light

Products description and applicaiton

Apply to the offshore helideck for perimeter light(including moving platform and permanent platform,Suitable for offshore oil platform, loose pulley and any other hazardours areas or vessel‘s helideck,Certified to explosive gas atmosphere zone 1 and zone 2 area,Certified to explosive gas atmosphere IIA / IIB / IIC area,Suitable for T1-T6 temperature class. With Dimming function, can use the PWM or RS485(0-100)to be stepless dimming to avoid light dazzle when pilot approaching.

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