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Storage temperature  Ta-40°C ~ +70°C

Operation temperature  Ta-40°C ~ +55°C

Humidity  0% ~ 90% RH (Not condensed)

IP Rate  IP66

Weight  18.2kg


Light source  LED

Work mode  Flashing

Light color  white/white+red

Flashing rate  Daytime/twilight: 20/30/40 FPM; Night:20/30/40/60FPM,steady burning(red); (default 40 FPM)

Flashing duration  Daytime/twilight :95ms; White color at night:150ms; Red color at night:670ms

Intensity  Daytime/twilight:20000±25%cd; Night:2000±25%cd

Horizontal degree  360°

Vertical degree  ≥3°

On/Off level  50-500lux

Certificates and standards


CAAC   MH6012-2015

ICAO  ICAO(Annex 14)14 Volume I, Sixth Edition

FAA  Advisory Circular 150/5345-43H



Voltage input  AC110V AC220V DC48V

Fault alarm  Dry contact (NO or NC optional)

Average Power Consumption  Daytime: 45W (40FPM)

Lightning surge  IEC61000-4-5 L- L 3kV IEC61000-4-5 L- G 6kV

Electrostatic Discharge  IEC61000-4-2 Contact discharge 8kV

LM403A Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
25 April 2021

LM403A Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

LM403A Medium intensity obstruction light Type A&B with working mode of 20000cd intensity white flashing in the daytime and 2000cd white flashing at night, and also with red 2000cd steady burning/flashing at night optional.

Combined with the advanced LED light source, optical and system control technology to meet the most demanding applications;

Suitable for towers, chimney, high building, bridge, large construction machinery, large port machinery, wind turbine generation and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic.

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