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Products description and application

Applying to helipad lighting system on ship, offshore platform.

Externally connect PWM signal to achieve intensity continuously adjustable from 0 to 100%.

Light transmitting portion is tempering glass, with good light transmission, thermal stability, flame retardancy.

Easy installation, stable, low maintenance costs.

 Deck Edge Lighting

27 April 2021
Lampa de balizaj solara de mica intensitate, cu LED si senzor crepuscular, acumulator



Product name Deck Edge Lighting


Product Model HD50 


Dimmer way PWM(0~100%continuously adjustable)



Voltage DC24V


Power 5W



Light source LED


Light color Amber


LED lifetime 100,000h



Work temperature -40℃~+55℃


Humidity 95%


Material body: Aluminums alloy, lens: Tempering glass, bracket: stainless steel 304


IP rate IP66

HD50 product specification PDF

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